POEM OF THE MAN-GOD by Maria Valtorta

Maria Valtorta lived in the twentieth century and wrote a book called Poem of the Man-God based on alleged revelations made to her concerning the life of Jesus Christ.

The Catholic Church put her drivel on the Index. The book, The Holy Shroud and the Visions of Maria Valtorta defends her. It says the Church put her on the Index of Forbidden Books as a precaution though the L’Osservatore Romano said it was a terribly fictionalised story about Jesus. It is difficult to believe that the Catholic Church would treat a book that way when it was not sure. The books placed on the Index were read and examined thoroughly first. Some mistakes were made but it was generally accurate about what Catholics ought and ought not to read. An appeal to the Church court would have rehabilitated it if the Church was wrong.

Her book authenticates the dubious Shroud of Turin and claims that the Shroud was left in a pile in the tomb. But the John Gospel implies that it was probably folded when the head band was.

The Monsignor’s book states that some errors of a historical nature were made in her book. He argues that they do not disprove the authenticity of the revelation. She even made a mistake about which hand was on top on the Shroud and corrected this in her typescript after the error was made. Revelations need to provide evidence and hers should be perfect so that that might be a proof and Jesus had plenty of time to keep her right when he was so talkative with her. Theology is connected with history. If you admit small errors in the resurrection story then how do you know that some small detail that throws a different light on it was forgotten or misinterpreted? For example, the headband in the tomb might have been significant to some people who knew Jesus for perhaps they knew there was a man who should not have known about it and who claimed not to have been at the tomb implying he had been there and doing something suspicious with Jesus’ body. Revelations have to be totally error-free.  

The amount of hugging other men that Jesus does in it makes him look like a gay man and he even kissed James on the mouth and James falls asleep in his arms.  Jesus says "Come I will kiss you thus, to help you forget the burden of My fate as Man. Here, I kiss your lips that will have to repeat My words to
the people of Israel."

And Jesus even supposedly said that no one can be a sinner if they sin for the love of God.  
One anachronism she has put in the book is a reference to screwdrivers being used at the time of Jesus. She also said she heard Mary call God Jehovah in her vision. But that name was not invented until centuries later. God’s name is Yahweh.
That Catholicism tolerates and enables lies and delusions like that is disgraceful. People waste money and spirituality and time on such nonsense.
(Critique: “Poem of the Man-God” Medugorje’s Gospel by Brother James,