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A 1900 account of Knock "apparition"

Apparition at Knock and the case for it being dull and unimpressive

Apparitions today at Knock Shrine

Assessing how faith in miracles is claimed to be a miracle itself

Being religious brings harms with it to you and others

Brigid Trench, her Knock vision testimony was doctored

Can the magic lantern explain the Knock apparition?

Canon Bourke's letter on Knock visions is revealing

Case for a clear vision at Knock in 1879

Catherine Murray is another spurious Knock witness

Catholic Church and visions of the Mother of Jesus

Catholics affirm 2 classes of miracles, binding on belief & non-binding

Comparing the testimony of Knock witnesses

Comparing witness accounts of Knock vision, it was unclear

Conflicting reports about the Knock apparition 1879

Could the Knock Witnesses Have Lied?

Did the apparition hoax at Knock involve statues?

Differences between testimonies to Knock vision

Do miracles point to aliens rather than to a god?

Does context determine if an event is a miracle or not?

Dominick Beirne is an unsuitable witness of vision at Knock

Dominick Beirne Sen is another poor witness to Knock vision

Dubious Apparition of Knock has hallmarks of a hoax

Durkin gives us yet another pathetic testimony to Knock

Estelle Faguette and Pellevoisin apparition

Evil of thinking prayer can move mountains

Facts about the "most reliable" Knock witness, Mary Beirne

False visions which followed Knock "apparition"

Gale volume on the occult deals with Knock apparition claim

Herbert Thurston SJ a Knock sceptic

How reliable was Archdeacon Cavanagh during the Knock shrine origin?

How to test a miracle witness and think about it properly

It's Fraud for Religion to use miracles as signs and evidence for God

John Curry gave us another suspect testimony to Knock vision

Judy Campbell, her account of Knock vision

Knock apparition as spoken of in Telegraph 1880

Knock apparition of 1879 Ireland has bad fruits

Knock apparition of 1879, the real truth

Knock falls foul of David Hume's logic and warnings of credulity

Knock Mayo Ireland vision was false

Knock Shrine for Apparition 1879, Pilgrimages, Mayo, Ireland

Knock testimonies give it away that it was a natural event

Knock witnesses to the apparition give grounds for doubt

Knock witnesses were unduly influenced by outside factors

Links regarding religious and paranormal claims and the dangers

Maggie Beirne and her suspect testimony to Knock vision

Margaret Beirne was not a useful witness at Knock

Mary Beirne gave a suspicious testimony to Knock vision

Mc Loughlin testified to Knock vision and why we can't believe

McPhilpin's lies promoted fake apparition of Knock

Media made Knock shrine not the Church

Miracle authentication, is it evidence or testimony that is insufficient?

Miracle beliefs come from a sense of God being stupid

Miracle claims are big claims so they need big evidence

Miracle of dry gable at Knock is hearsay and a misperception

Miracles and Free Will don't sit well together

Miracles and the claim that God has mysterious ways!

Miracles and the threat they pose to secularism

Miracles are a Pandora's box and breed evils

Miracles are not necessary!!!

Miracles are refuted by parapsychology

Miracles are ridiculous without exception!

Miracles cannot give real grounds for a real faith

Miracles do not invite the trust in God we think

Miracles fail as proofs for God

Miracles ruin trust in others

Mrs Hugh Flatley at Knock and her glimpse of an alleged vision

No tests to see if it is the same "Mary" at Lourdes, Fatima etc

Parish Priest as suspect in the Knock Apparition Hoax

Patrick Beirne spoke of Knock vision and tells too much!

Patrick Beirne witness to the vague image at Knock

Patrick Hill saw the Knock vision and his testimony was doctored

Patrick Walsh reported a suspect vision near Knock

People believe in their interpretation of miracles not miracles

Pilgrimages and what Jesus' attack on the Temple says about them

Poem of the Man-God by Maria Valtora

Problems with the first commission of enquiry at Knock

Projector fits the Knock data concerning the alleged apparition

Questioning the accepted account of the Apparition of Knock

Religion sees natural law and order as miraculous

Rethink allowing yourself to be classified as Catholic

Search for evidence regarding Knock 1879 vision

Spiritualists might not even take Knock seriously!

Taking an honest look at the Knock Witness Depositions

The apparition of Mary at Pontmain France

The cures at Knock Shrine Ireland are questionable

The doctored testimony of Patrick Hill at Knock 1879

The dubious testimony of Patrick Walsh of Knock

The Knock apparitions could have been paintings

The quality of apparitions like Knock is often exaggerated

Varying accounts regarding Knock vision of 1879

Vatican Prophecies book shows how fake miracles are rife

Vision at Knock has clear links with Spiritualist trickery

Vision of Knock 1879 is based on lies

Vision of the night, Knock vision was NOT seen in daylight

Visions of Mary are oddly never of the same woman

Visit of Pope Francis to Ireland 2018

Was it drink that started the Knock apparition fuss?

Was Knock apparition a "trick of the light?"

Was the Archdeacon behind a pious fraud at Knock?

Was the Knock Apparition really near the ground?

What is the Knock apparition trying to tell us?

When some miracles are true for me & others true for you

Where the "witnesses" of Knock vision stood

Who was the bishop in the apparition at Knock?