Among the listed 120 shrines to the Virgin Mary is the shrine of Our Lady of Mercy at Pellevoisin in France.
Estelle Faguette was born in 1843.
She became a Child of Mary devoted to the sick at the age of 17. But after this she was struck with ill-health and general weakness.
In the year of the apparition at Pellevoisin in 1876, Estelle was reputedly dying of pulmonary tuberculosis, acute peritonitis and an abdominal tumour.
On the night of February 14, she was told she had only a few hours to live. She had a vision of the Devil at midnight in her bedroom. The Devil despaired when Mary appeared to scare him off. Mary said, "Don't worry. You know you are my daughter. Have courage. Be patient for my Son will be touched. You will suffer for five days in honour of the five wounds of my Son. On Saturday you will be either dead or cured."
The next night Mary appeared to tell her that she would be freed from her infirmities on Saturday.
The first sign of suspicion is how Mary told Estelle to stick it out for five days and she would be dead or cured and then the next night there is a change of plan. Estelle will be cured on Saturday.
The Virgin told Estelle that Jesus will let her live so that she may know the glory of God and the glory of the Immaculate Conception of Mary. There was an apparition every night. The last one until 1 July that year was on 18th February. That night Mary showed her these words, "I called to Mary in the depths of my despair. She pleaded with her Son for me and gained my total healing for me." These words appeared in gold letters on a tile. Estelle however didn't get better until she went to Mass the morning after. Mary pleading with Jesus implies he didn't want to help but was talked into it. Clearly Mary is better than God and kinder!
The sixth apparition was on the 1 July 1876. She saw Mary surrounded by roses and graces raining from her hands.
The seventh apparition took place on the next day. Mary said she had come to convert those with the hardest hearts. Estelle thereupon asked for a sign. Mary said she didn't need one, "Your healing is one of the greatest signs of my power is it not?"! This is another error for Estelle's cure is no more impressive than the miracle cures of Lourdes. The cures are then seen to be luck rather than miracles. And the diagnosis of Estelle may have been incorrect. That was 1879 when medicine got diagnoses wrong more often than right. Estelle was the real origin of the message. She wanted to get attention by boasting one of the greatest miracles. But it was not that great! She was arrogant.
On September 9, the Virgin asked for a new scapular to be made. Pope Leo XIII approved the scapular.
The Church had a number of scapulars and miraculous medals and it is hard to believe Mary would institute another. Why not emphasise the scapulars and medals that were there already?
Estelle died in 1929.
The Church approved the apparitions and now a shrine has been created. The bedroom where Estelle had her apparitions is now a chapel. There is no evidence that Estelle had any visions at all. She was never observed while having her visions. We don't even know if she went into ecstasy. There were no tests performed while she was having her visions.
The real Mary would not ask us to depend on what Estelle said about her. That gives more importance to Estelle than Mary.
The apparition is a hoax. Did Estelle get better before her apparition? Did she pretend to be sick to create a mystery and a tale about a miracle cure?