miracles v secularism? our rights opposed

Miracles undermine secularism if it is correct that they imply that the supernatural comes first.
They would suggest the existence of a superior power.
Miracles, such as the alleged visions of Mary at Lourdes and Fatima, have encouraged large crowds to gather in disobedience to secular authority.
They would suggest that testimony to miracles justifies belief in miracles even if the testimony is false.
Secularism is virtue. Anything against it is vice and wrong. The believers say that God must take supreme importance in the world and in your life. Even when they support secularism, they teach that it is only acceptable in the sense that God gave the state a separate job to do from the Church. So even their secularism is religious at least in intention. (It is saying, "We believers support the separation of Church and state on religious grounds and because God asks for it. If our religion tells us different or if God tells us different we will oppose this separation. We only accept because we think God wants us to. If we are wrong we will change our minds." Their secularism only looks like secularism - it is not secularism. Their secularism contradicts and therefore opposes true secularism. It holds that God's wishes come first.
It is ludicrous to think that a being such as God who is by definition the only wholly good entity, would allow people to defy him by treating his principles and his religion and himself as something that is unworthy of coming first. The thought that God approves of secularism makes no sense.
True secularism does not care what God wants. It's neutral on religious questions.