Miracles are unnecessary and yet we are told they are needed so religion we ask you, "Which is it?"

Miracles are events like magic. Religion says God does them. God makes all things out of nothing so he can do them. Making things out of nothing is a miracle.

If a stone turns into bread then that is a miracle. If a stone appears from nowhere that is a miracle.

 Religion pretends that miracles are done by God as evidence of his presence and love and are not magic.  But that is a distinction without a real difference.  A witch doing miracles as evidence of her love is still a witch.
Religion has to pretend that miracles are rational in the following sense: God does them because they are really needed and he does them to prove his presence and love.
Why are they needed? Is it because the creation of almighty God has gone out of control and he needs to re-assert it? Then he is not almighty? If God is good and a good concept then if we are good people we will see that it is good for us to love him. We need to realise it from the fact that we need to love a worthy being - we do not and should not need to realise it from his miracles or signs. The husband loves his wife because of who she is - she does not need to do good things for him to make him see that he should love her. He needs to see it on his own.
There is no need to believe that God does any miracles. All the Christians can say is that we should for he might have really done the miracles that we have heard of. But that means we are only guessing he did them. We are not believing.
Maybe the Devil, who likes to look good, does them all and for some mysterious purpose known only to himself. The Devil could do loads of good healing miracles just so that heretical amoral freethinkers might attack and damage religion more so you never know if the source of a miracle is good or bad. Maybe it’s a good-hearted god but one who does not see much value in honesty. Why assume it is God? Assuming is no use and any miracle that asks you to do it is definitely of the Devil. If assuming is okay then you may assume that the feats of top magicians are really miracles. If assuming is all we can manage and should manage, then there is no need for God doing miracles. If he does them it is to show off. And he is stupid enough to fail to see that we should not be impressed.
According to Christian faith, God being almighty does not make mistakes so miracles, changing the way nature works say by making the Virgin Mary appear, are done to make people see what the true religion is. But the very fact that he needs miracles to persuade people shows that he does make mistakes. If he had organised the spread of the word of God better and made people brighter and more interested, just by giving us the same brain faculties that very religious people have that cause their religiosity, when it comes to religion more than anything else there would be no need for the miracles for after all the faith has to make sense and be the most credible faith on earth for otherwise all the miracles of the day are of no assistance.
You have to work out the theology without obvious miracles but with the help of the inspiration of God before a miracle can verify it so what do you need miracles for? It is like learning your maths tables and needing a miracle to confirm that the table book is correct.
Even miracles cannot make nonsense to be non-nonsense so their message needs independent checking. So miracles are random and arbitrary though they don’t look it. Therefore a man who says he did not kill his wife though he was caught holding the gun and that the gun miraculously fired could be telling the truth. Miracles and magic weaken our faith in human testimony – the very thing they depend on! (They contradict themselves!) If you assume that miracles/magic like that don’t happen then you are saying you will only believe miracles if they fit your presuppositions which is very biased and unfair and dishonest. It would not be right to jail that man if there is any doubt of his guilt so miracles get you marked as an evil person if you do.
Just as we would say it is superstition to say it is unlucky to walk under a ladder because it is not necessary for bad luck to follow that action, so we should say miracles are superstition for they are not needed.