Fifteenth witness

The fifteenth witness is John Durkan, one of the three who accompanied young Hill. His testimony is the same as that given by each of the Beirnes.

That is what we have for him.  It is obvious that he could have been coached by the Beirnes or we have a statement saying he agreed with them but surely that is too general and nobody agrees on everything exactly?   But it is a lie to call him a witness for a witness gives a testimony and this here is really a cover up not a testimony.  He is virtually dismissed.

Why though does Durkan appear to be influenced by the Beirnes and not his good friend Patrick Hill?  Hill claimed that Durkan was in his company.  The Hill testimony is suspect then for that reason.

The purpose of the commission was to get evidence.  This is not a testimony never mind evidence.  So what is it doing among the records?  It looks like the priests were determined to make it appear that an apparition from Heaven really had taken place even if it meant twisting the truth.  As a miracle is considered to be an event that cannot be explained naturally, we at least need those who take down the testimonies and who do the questioning to do a reasonable job to justify possibly believing in the miracle.  God if all powerful would make sure the right people would be doing the investigating.  The believers say, "But you wouldn't believe even if he had!".  That is not the point.  It is a cheap unfair nasty shot.

What age was John Durkan? According to Knock The Virgin's Apparition in Nineteenth Century Ireland, he was about 24. Why was a mature man's testimony treated so abruptly and the immature Hill's preferred?