"This miracle is true for me, that miracle is true for you..."

A miracle is what is not naturally possible. It is a supernatural occurrence. It is paranormal.  The core of Christian belief is that God who is bigger than nature was able to have Jesus rise from the dead though natural law is that the dead stay dead.  That is the mega-miracle.

You need very good evidence to justify believing in miracles because they are so out of the ordinary. The less evidence you have for your miracles, the more you must insist that the miracles are true for you even if not for anybody else.

Miracles are true for the believers. If I want my miracle tales to be true for me, then I have to want your miracle tales to be true for you. If I say it's true that Jesus' mother appeared to me, I am saying I have no right to discourage you from thinking that if you feel you are a prophet and must engage in a suicide bombing that will do some mysterious supernatural good that justifies it. Perhaps the suicide bombing is needed for the divine plan to work. Belief in miracles has sinister implications. Miracles implicitly oppose what is good and healthy for people - even though they may look as if they do not.

Witnesses to miracles cannot honestly say, "You must believe me." There is no must about it. To say you see a miracle is to tell people, "Decide if this is real, if I have something wrong with me, am lying, stupid or some force is tricking me." Putting a must into it is sufficient to show that the miracle claim should be dismissed.