Proving God?  If God does a miracle is that proof that he exists and loves us?

The Church lies that the existence of God can be proved when it cannot be. The First Vatican Council used its infallibility to teach that the existence of God is subject to proof. The Church at the time had philosophical and religious arguments for the existence of God. Since the Council, those arguments have been refuted conclusively. Now the Church party-line is, “It’s true that God can be proved but it seems we haven’t achieved it yet.”
Catholicism says that God enables the Church to give us the truths we need. Why would God help the Church say he can be proven when nobody has done it yet? The Church party-line is just a cop-out in the face of the facts.
Intelligent Design has its supporters. What they cannot do is use it to prove God in the proper meaning of the word. All they need to account for design is a big intelligence. It might not even be a God.
Miracles are no help for they lead to a caricature of God. A God who is in control will be able to guide us and heal us of evil tendencies without making it obvious. He will use nature to help us. A God who instantly heals the sick or who makes 2000 year old mums appear to people today is a divine magician and not a healer or mentor. Miracles are superstitious thus any religion based on them is by definition superstitious fundamentalism. Miracles give you a low view of God and people.
All arguments for God assume that he alone is the answer for why is there something rather than nothing. Even if a being like God made all things, there is no reason to believe that it is a personal being. It could be an impersonal intelligence – a computer is an example of an impersonal intelligence.
Another problem is that they assume God can create something out of nothing. They say something cannot come from nothing. That is a contradiction. They only assume God can do it. The idea, "We exist and that proves he can do it" is illogical. It is a bad argument that feeds on itself. "God ultimately made us from nothing because we are here. And we are here because he ultimately made us from nothing."
Atheists and non-religious need to stop obsessing so much with attempts to disprove the existence of God. What is important is proving that even if there is a God that he has no right to be worshipped or to expect obedience of us. Getting people to ignore God is more important than getting people to disbelieve in God.