Miracles when Free Will is a guess

A miracle is an event that is not naturally possible. That does not mean it is necessarily impossible. There could be a power greater than nature such as a god that can do it. A miracle is supernatural. It is really magic and superstition under a different name. If a power can instantly remove an incurable terminal disease, then it can guarantee bad luck for those who walk under ladders.

Free will cannot be proven for we could be programmed to feel free when we are actually not free at all. The feeling is necessary to allow us to feel happy and independent.

God should make us miraculously know we have free will before he does miracles. If we only think or feel we have free will and are wrong then there is no God. There is no need to believe in free will. I am most sure of my own existence – I am less sure of everything else. So I should be just as sure that I have free will before I can judge myself as a sinner. It is a libel against humanity to say we have free will and abuse it.

If we cannot prove free will we have no reason to believe in God. There cannot be a God.

Religion says miracles give us the warning that we are capable of sin and that God exists. If so, then the miracles give a false message for there is no God or free will and they are evil for doing so. They are supposed to be signs of the truth but when we don’t have free will we could be programmed to believe the truth and so they are not necessary though they deceptively behave as if they are. Anything they say should be ignored and anybody who reports them is a menace. Beliefs are forced on us. Beliefs are forced on us – examine yourself and you will find the proof of this. Even when we search for understanding it is the belief forced on us that we need it that motivates us. We cannot help believing that that our legs can walk and even the weaker beliefs are forced on us by the past. When I think, the conclusion hits me whether I want it or not. It just comes by itself. Religion says that faith is belief that is expressed by love. So it follows that God can force religious truth on us by magically making us see that it is true which would not destroy free will. He hasn’t so it follows that miracles are anything but manifestations of the power of God.

Our belief in free will is just an assumption for we cannot understand or know we have free will or how it works. We have no evidence for it. If miracles are signs then they are signs that we should assume we are free and that is bad. It is slandering ourselves. Perhaps miracles are evidence for free will? But nothing outside of me has the right to tell me I have free will when I don’t need to believe in it. I will not accept miracles as evidence that there is free will unless I believe in free will first so I am not letting the evidence being seen as it is but am twisting it to fit my preconceived notions. So when miracles fail to defend free will they are opposing belief in free will. To support an assumption is to oppose the belief because you are not sure of the belief. Miracles would mean that God has no reason to believe we have free will either.

When free will is the basis of faith and there can be no faith without it, it follows that miracles refute God for they deny free will.

Miracles are too illogical to prove anything and they would be deceptive because they give weak evidence instead of the strong when it is more honest to give the strong. To admit miracles happen would be to admit that you could be tricked by miracles a lot oftener than you think or that some mad miracle warps your mind to think that 2 +2 = 4 when they are not.