There is no evidence that miracles happen even if people do have visions of the Virgin Mary and hosts visibly turn into flesh on some priest’s altars.
What I mean is this. These “miracles” may be somehow scientifically possible though only aliens or some kind of universal computer could do them. They would not be miracles but tricks done by means of a technology beyond our understanding. This would be a technology that merely looks as if it alters nature while it does no such thing for it uses nature to accomplish its feats. Perhaps the alien is able to invisibly come to the altar and swap the host for flesh and use some kind of invisibility ray to make the movement undetectable to us.
It makes more sense to attribute “miracles” to aliens than to God for aliens are not all-powerful and morally perfect and he is and does not act it.
It is better when you see a miracle to conclude that nature somehow did it perhaps through some super science than to assume that supernatural forces that have nothing to do with nature did it. Occam’s Razor would say that it is simpler to say that the events have happened within nature so that is what we must believe or assume. You never invoke more forces than you need to explain anything. So if something like a miracle happened don’t assume it was supernatural. Assume that it was somehow natural. In other words, don’t take it as a miracle at all.
Rationally, the events labelled miracles must prove aliens or the computer and not God or his gospel or they prove that nature is haywire at times – the list of possibilities is endless. They are not miracles for they are not supernatural.
To call them miracles would be to sin against Occam’s razor that is, to find and hold on to the simplest interpretation for something.
Religion is guilty of assuming that what sometimes is inexplicable must be a miracle. Inexplicable things happen and religion doesn’t consider each one to be a possible miracle. It is so biased that it is only interested in declaring the inexplicable to be a miracle when there is something in it for itself.
There is no excuse for it for millions say that miracles are simulated by alien super-science and they teach that nature should be used to explain what may be natural.
If God can have strange ways aliens should have stranger ways for there is more of them and they are not perfect and will have different plans.
There is no need to call miracles supernatural events for science will be able to replicate them some day. It is a serious error to attribute all such marvels to God or to any supernatural power.