Eleventh Witness.

Testimony of John Curry,
- a young boy, about six years old.
The child says he saw the images — beautiful images — the Blessed Virgin and St Joseph. He could state no more than that he saw the fine images and the light, and heard the people talk of them, and went upon the wall to see the nice things and the lights.

NOTE: Even a child could notice the images were only things not people. What is astounding is that the lad said they were images several weeks after the event. Despite everybody saying three people appeared at the gable or three statues he stated that they were images. He didn't let them pressure him to say what they said. He said what he saw was a picture! Worse for Catholics, the testimony tells us, "He could state no more than that he saw the fine images and the light". Thus the priest writing the testimony was making it clear that Curry did not actually say he saw the "the Blessed Virgin and St Joseph". This was the priest's note. The priest was introducing his own interpretation. Curry was allegedly put on the wall to see the images by Patrick Hill. He does not talk about the items being statues or people but speaks of them as pictures. Curry's sober testimony does not fit the detailed and obviously exaggerated account given by Hill.

And why did he just go up on the wall? Why not closer? It is as if the vision had to be looked at from a particular spot to be clear.